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international bibliographies

online zdroj  Index Translationum (1979 - )
tisteny zdroj  Index Translationum (years 1932-1978) 

national bibliographies, which contain data on current production 

online zdroj Europe - Gabriel : Gateway to Europe's National Libraries
online zdrojCanada -
AMICUS - Canadian National Catalogue

lists of national bibliographies

online zdroj UNESCO Libraries Portal 
cd-rom-licencovan national bibliographies in Czech libraries collections - i.e. the National Library of the CR

retrospective bibliographies

  • provide a register of literature published in individual languages and on individual subjects throughout the world since the 15th century
  • the individual bibliographies do not just include titles published in one country or region; they include titles simply on the basis of their language (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Latin etc.)
  • some of these are available cd-rom-licencovan in the National Library of the CR

national libraries catalogues, which can contain data from national bibliographies
You can use several search engines (i.e. Google, Altavista) to  find most national libraries. It is sometimes necessary to use different language versions (i.e.
"Bibliothèque nationale", "Biblioteca Nacional ").

online zdroj Europe - Gabriel : Gateway to Europe's National Libraries
online zdroj USA - Library of Congress
online zdroj Canada -
AMICUS - Canadian National Catalogue
online zdroj Australia - National Library of Australia  

lists of national libraries:
online zdroj UNESCO Libraries Portal
online zdroj Gabriel : Gateway to Europe's National Libraries

union catalogues

online zdroj-licencovan OCLC WorldCat

which allowe easy access to several sources

online zdroj  KVK - Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog
online zdroj TEL – The European Library 

'books in print' databases, which contain data on books available on book market

online zdroj-licencovan
cd-rom-licencovan  Global Books in Print
Electre bibli le CD-ROM des libr. Disp.
VLB  Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher


online zdroj-licencovan
cd-rom-licencovan  Ulrich's Periodicals Directory
ISSN Compact
online zdroj-licencovan  ISSN
online zdroj-licencovan  OCLC WorldCat
online zdroj  Union Catalogue of Serials (ZDB)


national bibliography of articles 

online zdroj Europe - Gabriel : Gateway to Europe's National Libraries 

article databases

  • databases focused on special discipline (literature - Literature Online, music - RISM, RILM)
  • multidiscipline databases (i.e. ProQuest 5000)
  • databases based on production of specific publisher (i.e. Kluweronline, Springer Link, Elsevier Science, Wiley Interscience)
  • article databases can contain only bibliographic records or also abstracts or fulltext
  • article databases can be available in different formats -   cd-rom-licencovan online zdroj-licencovan online zdroj online katalog tisteny zdroj