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According to the Library Act (Act No. 257/2001 Coll. on Libraries and Terms of Operating Library and Information Services for the Public) library and information services consist primarily in

  • making available materials from the library’s own collection or from collections of other libraries through interlibrary loan services (lending and interlibrary loan services)
  • providing verbally bibliographic, reference and factual information and literature searches on specific subjects (information and research services)
  • making available information from external sources, in particular information on the state and local public administration
  • facilitating access to external information resources to which the library has a free admission through telecommunication networks (information services, internet

Services listed above are provided free of charge with the exception of

  • providing copies of audio or audiovisual materials from the library collection
  • providing copies of materials from collections of other libraries through interlibrary photoduplicating services
  • providing materials from libraries abroad through interlibrary loan services

Library may offer other services for which it may charge its real cost:

  • access to paid for online resources (internet access, CD-ROM databases, DVD)
  • cultural and educational activities
  • photocopying
  • bibliographic, reference and factual information, and literature searches delivered in other than verbal form, i.e. by a letter, e-mail, printout, etc.

Library is entitled to reimbursement of its administrative costs related to readers’ registration (registration fee)

Individual libraries have there own Library Rules and Regulations.

List of libraries providing international interlibrary loan services

Details on information, reference, lending, photocopying, research, interlibrary and cultural services are available in the Czech version of KNIHOVNY.CZ portal