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Libraries provide access to various types of materials: books, journals, periodical articles, online and CD ROM databases, special documents and use of the internet.
A user may study materials in the library or may take selected works home.

Materials may be found and confirm their location in following resources:

  • Catalogues of individual libraries – online, card or scanned catalogues (There is no English version)
  • Union catalogues – they contain records from participating libraries; each record has a location symbol of a holding library
  • Portals – they gather in one spot information about multiple resources (catalogues, databases, etc.) for all or selective subject areas
  • Databases – freely available or licensed
  • Digital libraries – they facilitate searching and ensuing reading of digital or digitalised materials
  • WWW library pages – they may contain information on databases and resources the particular library holds
  • Reference sources on the internet – Czech or foreign

The above listed resources are usually searchable as follows:

  • Checking indexes – by author, title, subject, etc.
  • Filling a specific search field – again author, title, keyword, subject, publisher, year of publication, etc. Various terms maybe randomly combined with set operators (i.e. Boolean) or define by preset parameters limiting for example language or type of the material

Details on individual types of resources, examples and references may be found in the Czech version of  “What do I find in a library?”